The Sphinx Cell

The Sphinx Cell is a subgroup within the Temple of Ascending Flame. It is physically based in St. Louis, USA, and works via digital communication channels.



Initiatory Work

Initiatory Work within the Temple starts with the Introductory Course, which will guide you through foundations of Draconian magic and prepare for Initiation into Draconian Path and further initiatory work with the Draconian Current. After completion of this course and Initiation into Draconian Path, you are welcome to participate in our advanced Work, which is inspired by many sources and manifestations of the Draconian Tradition, and includes such projects as e.g. self-initiatory path through the Tree of Qliphoth, in-depth work with successive Qliphothic levels and their ruling Gods, magic of the Void, and exploration of the Tunnels of Set.

What is expected from your work with the initiatory material is not impressive results or elaborate descriptions of visions (this is welcome but not necessary) - it's your attitude, self-discipline, seriousness about the Work, determination, and devotion to your personal path of spiritual ascent. If none of the above is observed during your work with the course, we will not encourage you to take the Initiation and walk the Path. In this case, even if you may still want to be initiated into the Current, this will not be done by the Temple.

What we expect to see is your genuine Desire to walk the Path and flow with the Current. Find the time for your daily magical practice. Don't look for excuses to avoid active work. Write down your visions, thoughts, emotions, etc. Keep records of messages received through the work, if there are any. Speak about them to show that you can share your work with others. The same you will receive in return. There are no "masters" and "disciples". We all are "students" guided by Gods and the forces of the Current on our path of individual ascent, and we are all "teachers" to those who wish to follow our steps. You can illuminate the Way for others only if you have progressed on it yourself. Don't worry if you find the work a bit overwhelming at first, your mind will get adjusted to the flow of the Current and your psychic abilities will grow with time if you keep working on a regular basis.

After completion of the Introductory Course you will have access to all inner projects within the Temple.


The Work of the Temple


Temple of Ascending Flame, founded by Asenath Mason and rooted in Poland, is a platform for individuals around the world who want to share certain aspects of their Work with Gnosis of the Draconian Current with other adepts of the Path and for those who simply need guidance into Draconian self-initiatory magic. It is both for newcomers who make their first steps on the Path of the Dragon and for experienced individuals who work to ascend and progress on Lucifer's Path of Self-Deification.

We don't have structures or hierarchies. It is solely your decision to what extent you would like to get involved in the Work of the Temple. However, passive members are not welcome. Draconian Path is a dynamic process, based on movement and active pursuit of spiritual goals. We are not interested in dabblers either. This is the Work that requires a lot of commitment, determination and self-discipline for long-term projects, on both basic and advanced levels. Also, the Work of the Temple is not for those who expect guidance and teachings but are not willing to give the same in return.

Our gates are open to all who wish to walk the Path of the Dragon and carry the Flame of Lucifer in order to illuminate the Way for others. We don't aspire to be another occult order jealously guarding their knowledge and putting up ridiculous hierarchies in order to protect the secrets of power. We don't exclude from our Work members of other orders - it is not our purpose to hold anyone back in their personal ascent. We believe that anyone with a passionate heart and open mind can tear down the illusions of the world and plunge into mysteries of the universe. The main ethos of the Temple is to promote the Draconian Current in all its active and dynamic manifestations. Our wish and hope is to see the Current of the Dragon spreading and flourishing among those who seek the knowledge and power of Draconian Gods, to set the world on Fire with the Dragon's Breath, and to awaken the Desire of Transcendence in sleeping souls, so that they could rise to the Stars and reach for Divinity.


The Work of the Temple is conducted on three levels:

- Open projects
- Temporary membership for the time of preparation for initiation into Draconian Current (1 year)
- Full membership and access to all projects, including the most advanced Work of the Temple


A few words of explanation:


Open projects

From time to time we will have smaller projects open to anyone interested. These projects don't require any sort of membership and will be announced on our website. In order to participate in these projects, you need to email us and ask for materials with descriptions of the workings. We appreciate sending us reports in which you will share the results of your work with the projects, but this is not necessary and it won't exclude you from similar projects in the future.


Temporary membership and preparation for initiation into Draconian Current

If you're interested in working with us and participating in our advanced projects, you need to be initiated into the Draconian Current. Our Primary Goal is to make these initiations possible to anyone who has a potential to become the Draconian Initiate. In order to find out if you have such a potential, you will be requested to complete the initial project of individual workings which is called The Ascending Flame Project.

The Ascending Flame Project is available to everyone. It will give you a glimpse of how we work and what to expect from our future projects. It was also the first open project conducted by the Temple in October 2012. When it is finished and your report from your work with the Project is accepted by the Temple, you are welcome to stay and work with us. During your temporary membership you will have a chance to participate in our Introductory Course which will prepare you for Draconian Initiation and further initiatory work on the Path of the Dragon. If you feel that our Work is not something for you, or if you prefer solitary work on advanced levels, you are free to go. In any case, you can still occasionally take part in our open projects.


Full membership

Long-term projects of the Temple are for members and Initiates only - this is because magical work on advanced levels requires a lot of time and dedication and it has to be a part of your lifetime Path. If your spiritual path is not aligned with Draconian Current, you will not profit from this Work. This is the reason why before being accepted as a member you need to complete the Ascending Flame Project, participate in our Introductory Course and become the Draconian Initiate. This is the preliminary preparation for the further Work with the Temple.

There is no formal confirmation of membership - we don't have t-shirts with our logo or badges that you can pin to your coat. If you're a Draconian Initiate, you are considered a "member" as long as you work with us in active way on a regular basis. We do appreciate, however, that members and Initiates keep materials received from the Temple for themselves, in their private collections. This is not because this knowledge is "secret" and "exclusive" but because we would like to prevent irresponsible and immature use of these materials by people who view magic as a cool ride but never bother to take any effort in finding what it is really about. We don't take responsibility for bad experiences and life failure caused by these methods and rituals if you obtained them in any other way than through the successive work with the Temple.

Therefore, we open our gates to all who wish to share and discuss their Work, to receive and give guidance, to be initiated into Draconian Path and the Gnosis of the Void and to initiate others. We welcome all who want to keep the Current alive and flourishing around the world, to awaken the Dragon and to see the world reborn in Draconian Flames.



What is expected from potential members and Initiates


Draconian Path is not for everyone. Many will approach it, drawn by the promise of power it holds, but only few will succeed through harsh tests and challenges that we all have to face as our souls are forged in the Dragon's Fire. It is for those who are not afraid to undertake this demanding quest for power which will elevate the Initiate beyond limits of one's imagination. Draconian magic offers fast results but they have to be approached with responsibility, otherwise the mind will not be able to process the amount of knowledge and power that will flow through the gates of the soul. For this reason, although we will work to spread the Current and illuminate the Way for anyone interested, we will only allow full access to the Temple to those who, in our judgment, have the Will and potential to become true Draconian Adepts.

If you want to work with us on advanced levels, you will have to prove that you can work with the Current and make this work powerful and inspiring, both for yourself and for us - you need to show us that you are able to receive guidance, share your Work, and possibly provide guidance to others on further stages of your Path.

You need to be able to tap the Current, open up and receive the Gnosis of the Current, and be able to channel and earth this Gnosis in any sort of creative work (rituals, writing, drawing, painting, composing, etc.)

If you don't hear the call of Draconian Current, if you have problems with speaking about your personal experience, or if you feel uncomfortable about sharing the Work with others, this group is not for you.

At first our Work may seem difficult for beginners, but don't get discouraged. You don't need any prior experience. What you do need is either a natural alignment with the Current or an open mind and eager soul to welcome the Draconian energies and commune with them. It doesn't matter that you may not have much experience. If you're capable of working with the Current and receiving the flow of Gnosis, you will progress very quickly, your consciousness will expand, and your psychic skills will enhance more than you can imagine.

However, please remember that the Primary Goal of the Temple is to prepare the potential Initiate for the work with the Draconian Path, but we are not here to provide a general magical training, such as e.g. visualization, meditation, body posture, concentration, etc. This part of the work is left to individual practice, and there are enough books, courses and online materials to find something for yourself. We are not a "magical order" either, and we don't have an official initiatory system - there is only one Initiation done through this Temple and it is the Initiation into the Draconian Current. We will guide you on the first steps on the Path of the Dragon, but the actual self-initiatory process is left to your personal choice and your individual work. We don't exclude the newcomers and beginners on the path, they are welcome to join our projects, but they must be aware that they will have to do a lot of work and research on their own.

Advanced practitioners have to be prepared for a lot of individual work and research, as well. Inner projects of the Temple include methods and techniques that work best with the Draconian Gnosis but may not be useful while working with other magical systems and traditions. Our teachings are solely for those who have genuine interest in practical work with Draconian self-initiatory magic. For this reason, you may need to learn certain methods and techniques from the start, as well as include many new ones in your daily practice, but your previous experience will probably make it easier and faster. We don't mind if you're already a member or initiate of other occult orders or magical traditions. If your initiatory Path is aligned with the Draconian Current, this Work will empower your personal practice and provide new sources of inspiration. It should not stand in the way of your present spiritual ascent.



The Ascending Flame Project


The project was the first in the series of Draconian workings designed and conducted by Temple of Ascending Flame in order to keep Draconian Current flourishing around the world. At this moment it is required to complete if you want to participate in our inner projects and possibly become a member of the Temple.

It contains 7 workings which have to be done individually on 7 days in a row, at any chosen hour of the evening/night. Each working expands your consciousness and prepares your soul for spiritual communion with Lucifer who is the Initiator of Ascending Flame. All of them are designed according to the same pattern, except for the last one, which has to be designed by the practitioner alone.


Each day contains of the following set of workings:

- Concentration on the Key sigil (includes elements of blood magic)
- Invocation of Ascending Flame (spoken incantation)
- Meditation (a set of successive meditations/pathworkings)


After each ritual, write down experiences, visions, or anything else that happened and keep it for your own records. When the whole project is finished, prepare a report (a couple of sentences about each day's workings) and send it to us. Include the invocation designed by you for the seventh day.

There is no required span of time to do the project. When you receive it from us, you can start working with it right away or you may do it at a later time. Once you send your report, you will hear from us within 7-14 days with the feedback. If you don't hear from us at all, it may mean we haven't received your email, so please resend the report.

If you don't feel comfortable with the idea of sharing your vision and experience, you don't have to send the report, BUT in order to participate in further Work of the group and receive other workings and feedback from other participants and Initiates, you have to be active, open-minded, and able to talk about your own work. Our wish and hope is to see the Draconian Current alive, not kept in hiding in private temples, but spreading actively among the practitioners.

You don't need to be an advanced practitioner to take part in the project, anyone with genuine interest in Draconian magic and Desire for spiritual ascent on Lucifer's Path of Self-Deification is welcome to join the workings.

If you're interested in working with the Temple and you'd like to start the initial project, please contact us at with the subject "The Ascending Flame Project".

The completion of the project and having your report accepted by the Temple gives you access to our inner work, more advanced projects and self-initiatory programs.