New Open Project!


„Lucifer – The Triple God”

The idea of exploring various “masks,” manifestations and depictions of Lucifer has been a part of the temple’s work since the very beginning. We have already carried out projects focusing on his presentations in legends and books of magic, his equivalents in various world mythologies and folklore, his Qabalistic manifestations, and his associations with astrology, both ancient and modern. In this set of workings, we will take a look at characteristics that are rarely paid attention to when discussing Lucifer or describing him in ritual textbooks: his masculine, feminine and androgynous aspects. We will invoke each one to experience them through a direct communion and we will combine them all to reveal the raw nature of Lucifer, which is genderless and free from prejudices attributed to him throughout the ages.

The project starts on 20th and ends on 22nd October. Like always, the materials are free.

If you’re interested in participating, please download the project HERE

*Update: The project was finished in October and can be now downloaded from the „Materials” section of this website.