Frequently Asked Questions

* How do I join your temple?

To join and work with us, you need to do a series of workings called the Ascending Flame project and send your report from this work, together with a personal introduction – a few words about yourself, your past experience, current interests, etc. We will review your report and let you know whether it is going to be accepted or you might rather profit from working with another magical path.

* Where can I find the Ascending Flame project materials?

Contact us and you’ll receive the project by email. Do not send a blank email – introduce yourself, or at least include a few words about why you want to join the temple.

* Can I receive the Ascending Flame project in another language?

No, it’s available only in English. The reason for it is that you have to speak English fluently enough to communicate with us, write reports and read the inner materials that are usually not translated. In other words, if you don’t understand a simple text in English, you won’t be able to participate in our work as a member.

* I live far and cannot attend your meetings. Is it still possible for me to join your temple?

 Yes. Our work is conducted individually and there is no need to attend any meetings in person. It doesn’t matter where you live – all materials needed for this work are sent by email personally to each member.  

* Do you have meetings?

Yes. They are not organized often, as our members live in all parts of the world and it would be difficult for everyone to travel to Poland on a regular basis, but we do have meetings on which you can participate in our rituals in person, meet other members, or receive the Initiation. Information about forthcoming meetings is announced through our inner communication channels.

* I’m already a member of another magical order. Can I combine their work with yours?

It depends on the order. In many cases, participation in our projects will only empower your path and you can successfully combine them with practices of other magical groups that work with Draconian magic. The only thing to consider is finding time for both. Our inner projects are usually intense and require a lot of time and dedication, which can be a serious obstacle if you are already pursuing another magical path. We don’t discourage members of other orders from joining us, but you have to think what is best for yourself and decide if you can dedicate enough time and energy to another magical group.

* On your website you mention sacrifice. What does it mean and is there any ritual killing involved?

We believe that the only sacrifice that is made on the Left Hand Path is the sacrifice of the Lower Self to the Higher Self. It is a psychological process of inner transformation that is triggered by the initiatory work of each adept. Taking a life of a living being is not encouraged here, and we are strongly against any form of abuse. We do, however, work with the blood of the Initiate. Many rituals and workings include the element of bloodletting, which is usually only symbolic and remains within the personal choice of each Initiate. Working with blood has a strong psychological impact on the practitioner’s mind and we approach it carefully. It is always stated openly in each description of a ritual whether or not blood is necessary, and it is solely up to you if you choose to proceed with this work.

* Do you charge any membership fees?

No. Membership and all materials are for free. The only thing we ask in return for our work is that you share your own results with our rituals and projects in the form of regular reports. You need to be active in your work.

* I’d like to know more about your work before I decide to join. What can you recommend?

First of all, read all materials on this website. They include all information you may need for the start, and in the „materials” section you will find essays shedding more light on our philosophy, as well as rituals and meditations from our past open projects. If that’s not enough, check out our publications and anthologies available on Amazon and Lulu. Finally, if you have a question you haven’t found answered in this section or anywhere else in our public materials, feel free to email us.