The following materials are related to Draconian Path and Luciferian Gnosis and represent the official philosophy and ritual system of the temple. Some of them were used in our open projects. More essays and workings will be progressively added to this section.

The Path of the Dragon

Ritual of Lilith

Luciferian Gnosis

Leviathan – „King over all the Sons of Pride”

Invocation of Lilith and Samael

Three Faces of Hecate – Ritual

The Flaming Star of Set

The Rite of the Spider Goddess

Ritual of the Demon-King Belial

The Four Angels of Prostitution

Nyarlathotep as the Guide to the Necronomicon Gnosis

Abbadon – The Beast of the Abyss

Cthulhu – The Lord of Dreams

The Many Faces of Set

Samael – The Angel of Death

The Seven Heads of the Dragon, Part 1

The Seven Heads of the Dragon, Part 2

The Cosmic Dragon

Mephisto – Sabbatic Initiator

Lilith – Mistress of Dreams

Lucifer – The Triple God



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