Friends & Partners:

Asenath Mason

Official Page: Information about books, art and upcoming projects

418 Ascendant

If you're looking for astrology beyond the normal, check out the web's home for esoteric and magical astrology, no matter where you are in the world!

Mandragora Nox

Order of the Chthonic Black Sun (In Swedish)

Edition Roter Drache

German occult books publisher

Sirius Limited Esoterica

Occult publisher specializing in small, collector's and talismanic editions

A Nona Direção

Blog dedicated to LHP magic, in Portuguese

Become a Living God

Practical Left Hand Path magick

The Apophis Club

A Facebook page for discussing the Draconian books of Michael Kelly

Ecos del Abismo

Facebook page & YouTube channel dedicated to magic, in Spanish

Editorial Thanatos

Books & publications about Draconian magic in Spanish


Draconian & Nightside Magick

Temple of Ascending Flame


Other occult publishers:


Draco Press

Occult publisher dedicated to the Draconian Tradition and Luciferian philiosophy and practice

Aeon Sophia Press

Esoteric and occult book publisher

Anathema Publishing

Publishing house specializing in refined Luciferian Arte & Gnosticism

Nephilim Press

Occult book publisher


Occult literature and distribution