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27th April - 11th May

The Cauldron of Hecate

We are pleased to announce our new open project: "The Cauldron of Hecate.” It is centered on Hecate’s role as an initiatrix, the goddess of witchcraft, and opener of the way. This project is slightly different than our previous open workings. Instead of conducting a series of workings on several days in a row, the project is carried out over the span of two weeks, and the main rituals are aligned with the phases of the moon. There are only three rituals to be performed (one on the full moon, one on the last quarter, and one on the new moon), but in the meantime, each day you will have to do a small devotional prayer to Hecate and a dreamworking exercise.

In this project, we will invoke Hecate as the goddess of witches. In myths and works of literature, witches often summon her name in their spells and rites, like e.g. in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. In the play, Hecate is the queen of witches invoked by the “weird sisters” who seek assistance in their grim prophesies. Shakespeare also mentions Hecate in his Midsummer Night’s Dream, referring to her as a personification of black magic. This image is rooted in medieval tradition, when Hecate was the goddess of death and the moon, the mistress of the dead, the Wild Hunt, warriors, and presided over nocturnal gatherings of witches and their malevolent spells. Here, we will use several motifs derived from myths and legends of the goddess. The first one is Hecate’s Supper, which you will have to prepare for the first ritual. Another thing used in the project will be a personal petition to the goddess aimed at manifesting a chosen intent in your life. The third is a magical potion that will be created and consecrated over the span of the entire project. The potion is based on strong alcohol, so if for any reason you cannot or do not want to use alcohol in magic, we do not recommend attempting the project, unless you have enough experience in herbalism to replace it with your own.

The project starts on 27th April and ends on 11th May. There are no restrictions on participation - the project is open to everyone. Like always, the materials are free. If you're interested in participating, feel free to download it HERE.


The rituals used in the past open projects are available for download in "Materials" section of this website.


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The Ascending Flame Project

The project was the first in the series of Draconian workings designed and conducted by Temple of Ascending Flame in order to keep the Draconian Current flourishing around the world. At this moment it is required to complete if you want to participate in our inner projects and possibly become a member of the Temple.

Temple of Ascending Flame, founded by Asenath Mason and rooted in Poland, gathers people from many different parts of the world and our Work is inspired by many different aspects and manifestations of the esoteric lore known around the world as the Draconian Tradition. Our projects include various aspects of this magical tradition and we also support all genuine initiatives to promote Draconian magic as a self-initiatory path.



At present moment, our inner projects are as follows:


Introductory Course

Introductory Course is available to everyone who has been accepted into the Temple and added to our mailing list. It is a set of introductory materials: essays, rituals and exercises to be done individually, according to a selected curriculum which takes 11 weeks of intense and systematic solitary work, introducing the practitioner to basic working methods of the left-hand-path Draconian magic and the currents of gods and archetypes within the Temple: Lucifer, Lilith, Hecate, Arachne, Set, and Belial. After successful completion of the Course, you will have an opportunity to take Initiation into the Draconian Current.

The series of workings included in the Introductory Course will help you get to know and understand Draconian spirituality, preparing you for Initiation into Draconian Path and further initiatory work with the Current of the Dragon. The Course is available all the time to all new members.




Visions of Sitra Ahra

The new project involves various workings prepared by members and Initiates of the temple, providing opportunities to work with more and less known aspects of the Draconian Path, deities representing the Current of the Dragon, and magic of the Left Hand Path in general. The workings of the project include explorations of the Other Side (Sitra Ahra), communion with Draconian archetypes and self-initiatory rituals enhancing the process of self-deification and self-empowerment. Their themes (Sunyata, Hecate, Kingu, the Spider Goddess, the Beast 666, the Abyss, and many more.) are centered on both masculine and feminine currents of Sitra Ahra, as well as methods to travel there and techniques to cross the boundaries between planes and dimensions. The project is available to temple members only.