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Tree of Qliphoth is our third anthology, exploring the dark side of the Qabalistic Tree as a map of Draconian Initiation. In essays, rituals and other expressions of personal research and experience, magicians and initiates of the Draconian Tradition discuss the realms of the Nightside, teachings and gnosis of its dark denizens, as well as practical methods developed both within the Temple and through their individual work. Material included in this book will give the reader a foretaste of these forces and a glimpse of what you can expect while embarking on the self-initiatory journey through the labyrinths of the Dark Tree.


The contents of the book:


Lilith - Temple of Ascending Flame
In the Cave of Lilith - Asenath Mason
Naamah - S.ΤΖΣ. Swan
Gates of Naamah - M King
The Dark Tower - Calia van de Reyn
Gamaliel - Temple of Ascending Flame
Lilith and Samael - Asenath Mason & Rev Bill Duvendack
Samael - Temple of Ascending Flame
Invocation of Adrammelech - Rev Bill Duvendack
Poisoned Well - Rev Bill Duvendack
A'arab Zaraq - Temple of Ascending Flame
Invocation of the Dark Venus - Asenath Mason
Invocation of Baal - Rev Bill Duvendack
Niantiel Working - Asenath Mason
Thagirion - Temple of Ascending Flame
Invocation of Belphegor - Asenath Mason
Invocation of Sorath - Asenath Mason
Thagirion - Pairika-Eva Borowska
The Cave of Lafcursiax - Edgar Kerval
The Qabalism of Lucifer's Sigil - Rev Bill Duvendack
Golachab - Temple of Ascending Flame
Invocation of Asmodeus - Christiane Kliemannel
Invocation of the King of the Nine Hells - Rev Bill Duvendack
Nine Hells of Asmodeus - Asenath Mason
Gha'agsheblah - Temple of Ascending Flame
Invocation of Astaroth - Christiane Kliemannel
Seven Gates of the Underworld - Asenath Mason
The Abyss - Temple of Ascending Flame
Invocation of Choronzon - Rev Bill Duvendack
Invocation of Shugal - Rev Bill Duvendack
Invocation of the Beast of the Abyss - Rev Bill Duvendack
Opening the Gates of Choronzon to Sitra Ahra - Zeis Araújo
Itzpapalotl - N.A:O
Ritual of Babalon - Asenath Mason
Satariel - Temple of Ascending Flame
Invocation of Lucifuge - Christiane Kliemannel
Summoning of the Lord of the Night - Rev Bill Duvendack
The Spider and the Web of Fates - Asenath Mason & Pairika-Eva Borowska
Ghagiel - Temple of Ascending Flame
Invocation of Beelzebub - Christiane Kliemannel
Litany to the Lord of the Flies - Rev Bill Duvendack
Experiencing the Strength of Belial - Mafra Lunanigra
Thaumiel - Temple of Ascending Flame
Invocation of Moloch - Christiane Kliemannel
Invocation of Satan - Christiane Kliemannel
Thaumiel - The Mask of Arrogance as Freedom - Leonard Dewar
The Calling of the Twin God - Rev Bill Duvendack
The Two-Headed Dragon of Thaumiel - Leonard Dewar
Invocation of the Lord of Thaumiel - Rev Bill Duvendack
Three Hidden Chakras Working - Christiane Kliemannel

Paperback, 234 pages


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Visions of the Nightside is a collection of essays, rituals and various expressions of personal gnosis written by members and associates of the Temple of Ascending Flame. Unique and evocative in its content, the book comprises powerful manifestations of magical practice with the forces of the Nightside: dark gods and goddesses, primal energies of the Void, entities residing in the Qliphothic Tree of Death, demons of infernal regions, and spirits from a whole range of traditions. Compiled and edited by Asenath Mason, it is a practical research and insight into the magic of the Left Hand Path within the modern context, with contributions from working magicians and initiates of the Draconian Tradition.  

Gnosis of the Void by Asenath Mason
Setnacht by Frater Eremor
Hecate: Blessed Mother of Witches by Pairika-Eva Borowska
Mea Magna Mater Hecate.  My Immersion in Multicolored Blackness by Selene-Lilith
Night on Bald Mountain: An Introduction to Slavic Witchcraft - by Febosfer
Invocation to Lilith by Asenath Mason
Into the Void by Frater GS
Echoes by Rev Bill Duvendack
Ravens of Dispersion by Asenath Mason
Poseidon's Trident by Rev Bill Duvendack
Invocation of Sekhmet by Asenath Mason
The Lady of the Flame by Asenath Mason
Lucifer's Trident Ritual by Rev Bill Duvendack
Whispers From The Void (Exploration of Baratchial through the 12th Tunnel) by Edgar Kerval
Demeter: Draconian Goddess by Fr. Nephilim

Paperback, 114 pages

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Black Tower Publishing


Lucifer is the archetype of the Adversary, initiator and guide on the Path of the Nightside. He is the fallen angel of Christian legends, the Devil of witches' Sabbats, one of primal Draconian Gods, Demon Prince of the Air, and Infernal Emperor of old grimoires. The purpose of this book is to delve into his initiatory role on the Draconian Path and in Atlantean magic through chosen masks and manifestations which Lucifer has used over the ages to reveal his presence to mankind, bestowing his blessings on Initiates and scourging the ignorant. Essays and rituals included here explore both his bright and dark aspects, the face of the Light Bearer and the horned mask of the Devil.

Light and Darkness in Luciferian Gnosis by Asenath Mason
The Light Bearer Ritual by Temple of Ascending Flame
Invocation of the Dark Initiator by Temple of Ascending Flame
The Mind of Lucifer by Rev Bill Duvendack
Purifying Fire (The Seed of Luciferian Gnosis) by Edgar Kerval
Lord of the Air by Temple of Ascending Flame
Lucifer - The Trickster by Daemon Barzai
The Shadow Companion by Temple of Ascending Flame
Holographic Luciferianism by Rev Bill Duvendack
The Adversarial Current of Lucifer by Asenath Mason
Invocation of the Adversary by Temple of Ascending Flame
Freedom through Death by Cristian Velasco
Emperor of Shadow and Light by Pairika Eva Borowska
The God of Witchcraft by Temple of Ascending Flame
The Infernal Spirit of Old Grimoires by Temple of Ascending Flame
Masks of Lucifer Ritual by Rev Bill Duvendack

Paperback, 122 pages

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Books & Publications


Publications released by the Temple of Ascending Flame are inspired by our Work, inner and open projects, and various manifestations of magical currents and esoteric traditions, represented both by the philosophy of the Temple and interests of individual members, associates and friends of the Temple.

Coming up in 2017!


This anthology will bring together essays, rituals, and unique artwork dedicated to the Queen of the Night and the Dark Goddess of the Qliphoth. Denied and rejected, worshipped and venerated, Lilith has been a part of the Western culture for ages. Viewed both as a beautiful seductress and a ruthless demon, she is the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, the first woman, and the primary initiatrix into the mysteries of the dark side of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Her rites are the works of love and pain, sex and transgression, transcendence and immanence, for she exists at the roots of all desire of all humans past, present, and future. This archetype has never been fully grasped in its profundity and is constantly unfolding, challenging us to recognize our fears and passions and to transform them into tools of power.
In this book you will find personal accounts of practitioners who ventured into the sacred and unholy garden of the Dark Queen of Sitra Ahra and returned transformed and empowered by her gnosis. Spells and invocations, dream magic and guided meditations, visions and stories of intimate encounters with Lilith - all this is contained in this unique anthology, written from the perspective of the Left Hand Path and the Draconian Tradition.

The anthology is planned for late autumn/early winter 2017



We recommend:

"Draconian Ritual Book" will introduce you into foundations and practical methods of Draconian magic as a path of self-initiation. With this book you will learn how to start your practice on the Path of the Dragon, establish contact with gods and spirits that will assist you in this work, build your personal temple, prepare tools for your rituals, and design your own workings and exercises. Each practice is provided with background information, explaining the purpose and possible ways in which it may affect your initiatory process. You will find here invocations and evocations, meditations and trances, exercises for cleansing, grounding, and raising the inner Serpent Force. There are instructions that will help you in your astral travels and dream magic, teach you how to work with seals and sigils, enhance your magical senses, and show you how to use gates and doorways to the Other Side. Practices such as blood sacrifice and sex magic are discussed in a practical way as well. You will read here about the Draconian Tradition, as well as the Left Hand Path in general, learning what it means to be a Draconian Initiate. This book will also guide you through the process of Kundalini awakening, discussing symptoms and providing exercises that will help you in your individual practice. Finally, you will find here a ritual of self-initiation into the Draconian current. If you are a beginner to Draconian magic, this book will teach you where to start and help you understand the basics of the initiatory process, while more advanced practitioners will find here practical instructions and information on how to develop and expand their work on the Path of the Dragon. The book includes the Introduction and Lexicon by Bill Duvendack.

PAPERBACK: https://www.amazon.com//dp/1535272384/
HARDCOVER: http://www.lulu.com/shop/asenath-mason/draconian-ritual-book/hardcover/product-22805366.html