The Sphinx Cell is a subgroup within the Temple of Ascending Flame, and will be a functioning working group for those that are interested. This is a structured group that will be working with the deities and techniques of the Temple on a more intimate scale, and the emphasis will be on personal development through the Draconian Left Hand Path current.

Once initiated into the Temple and the current, one often times finds that there is a lot more out there, but doesn’t necessarily know what step to take next, or where to go from there. This working group will be predominantly digital and will be as active and engaging as possible. Timed rituals will be part of the system of development, and there will be tiers that one works through to work their way up to the magus degree. In all ways this is a subgroup of the Temple of Ascending Flame Draconian current, and it will be expected that the individual will continue their growth through the Temple in addition to the work that is available in the cell. Reading lists, ritual work, and meetings via video, email, and digital messenger formats will be the communication channels, and in the future we will add video meetings and greater synchronization of practitioners throughout the world.

The Catholic Church has exploited the use of global synchronized rituals for 2,000 years, and this is a model that will be adapted to the cell. By timing our rituals using the same idea as the Temple, we will contribute our energy in a synchronized fashion to greater effect, enhancing the overall Temple and Draconian experience. As is the case with the Temple, the focus of the cell will be on personal gnosis, but there will also be focus on the living breathing current that we all work with. In essence, it will be expected that life changes will occur through the use and application of this system.

A cell is a smaller unit than the whole of the body, and hence the term used above. This group is simply one piece of the overall Temple, and thus the Draconian Luciferian Atlantean Left Hand Path current of energy. The sphinx is used due to its legendary traits and status. A major feature of the sphinx in general is that of riddles and tests, and while the tests may be part of the system of the cell, the riddles will come to the surface of the consciousness of the practitioner through application of the workings. If you like riddles, tests, discipline, structure, and all concepts related to this Temple, then you may just find that this is a working group for you. For more information, please contact us.

To work with the cell, you need to be a member of the Temple - please view the affiliation information HERE.


Contact Information


Please contact the Sphinx Cell of the Temple of Ascending Flame at:

The cell is physically based in Krakow, Poland.