About Us

The work of the temple is centered on the current of the Draconian Trinity – Lucifer, Lilith and Leviathan. These three archetypes are the main patron deities of the temple. Lucifer’s Throne exists in Thaumiel, the last realm before entering the Void. Therefore, he is the Gate and the Symbol of Deified Spirit, the patron God of the Path. He is the solar, illuminating force that has been fueling the evolution of human consciousness since the birth of mankind. He is Force, Fire and Fury. He empowers and elevates the spirit through His fiery Pillar of Ascent. His female counterpart in Draconian initiatory magic is Lilith. She is Passion, Desire and Seduction. She seduces the souls and lures them from Light into the Nightside, the averse side of the Tree, awakens Lust and Hunger for knowledge and power that only grows with each step on the Path, and ignites the spark of Divinity which progressively becomes the Ascending Flame of Lucifer. It is the Fire of Transformation, the very essence of Godhood. They both constitute the Archetype of the Adversary: The Devil and the Savior.

The Dragon of the Void is Leviathan, the Primal Serpent coiled around the universe, holding it in timeless embrace. The Void itself is the Womb of the Dragon, vomiting worlds and devouring them in endless cycle of death and rebirth. It is the primordial force existing outside the structures of Creation, unnamed and undefined, for it has no form and all forms at the same time. The Dragon exists outside the Cosmic Tree, which is the Pillar of Spiritual Ascent. The Tree, both in its bright aspect and negativity of the Nightside, is a manifestation of human consciousness, projection of conscious and inner mind, according to the ancient principle „As above so below”: All that exists Within also exists Without. Man is God in potential, manifestation of the Dragon, part of this eternal, timeless force that permeates all Creation and expands beyond, into Infinity. The purpose of the initiatory journey through the Pillar of Ascent is to realize and understand this potential, and in consequence, transform it into Godhood. Viewed as the „emanation of Godhood”, the Tree constitutes human perception of the deified consciousness. The completion of the Path is the crowning of the process of Self-Deification. The Tree is also a manifestation of the Dragon, as the Draconian force is the source of all Creation. But the Dragon is more than the Tree in itself. And in order to reach to the very source of this primal power, the Initiate has to step beyond the Tree, into the Void, the Womb of the Dragon. While working with particular paths and zones of the Cosmic Tree we sometimes catch glimpses of this timeless force, and we can find doors to the Womb of the Dragon in the Qabalistic Abyss, but the actual Gate to the Void exists in the realm of Thaumiel, within the Throne of Lucifer, where Man becomes God by completing the Ascent through the Axis of the World. The last step from humanity to Godhood is the step beyond the Tree, in final liberation from illusion of manifested world.  

Therefore, foundations of Draconian magic within the Temple are centered on these three powerful archetypes: Lucifer – the Lord of Flames, Force of Evolution and Ascent; Lilith – the Draconian Fire of Transformation, Principle of Passion and Desire; and Leviathan – the Dragon of the Void, Primal Source of all Manifestation.

Other archetypes used within the Temple:

Hecate: The teacher of witchcraft and the guide to personal „underworld,” the depths of the psyche.

Arachne: The Spider Goddess of Atlantis and the queen of Qliphothic labyrinths beneath the Cosmic Tree.

Belial: The intermediary between spirits of the Nightside and the magician, the gateway to the power of Goetia.

Set: The Archetype of the Adversary, the God of Storm and Change, the principle of dynamic transformation.