The goal of the temple is to promote the current of the Adversary in modern times. This current is personified by the archetypes we work with, especially Lucifer, who is the Light Bearer and the principle of enlightenment. Our work is focused on grounding and strengthening his Gnosis on earth, promoting him as the emblem of antinomian rebellion against mainstream consciousness, herd mentality, all-present brainwashing, fake spiritual experience powered up by artificial substances, mind slavery imposed by social and religious doctrines, death of individuality, inertia in which „magicians” get stuck in front of their computers or cell phones, wasting time and energy for empty discussions instead of seeking genuine experience, the sleep of the spirit, rationality, scientific craze with attempts to measure and define the Infinite, inability to feel, see, think and love, in which everything is reduced to physical experience. Lucifer is the supreme emblem of spiritual awakening, arising to destroy artificial structures of the world, the reality in which we are trapped in delusion of being liberated and illuminated, while at the same time we are afraid to leave the house, to turn off the PC, shut down the cell phone or TV, scared to stay alone and face the silence in which we can hear our own thoughts, always trying to fill the empty space and never looking into the Void, where the real Illumination is born. He stands for the true Liberation and Enlightenment, the awakening of consciousness and the power to rise to the stars and to become God Incarnate, bringing forth the powers that over the centuries were only viewed as legendary and mythical. He is the Fire of the Dragon that is rising from the Void to burn the petty world of man and clear the way for Gods Incarnate. He is the Flame of the Spirit ascending to Divinity.

The initiatory work of the temple consists of methods and techniques used to adjust receptivity of consciousness to the energies of the Draconian Current through rituals, meditations, invocations, evocations, travelling between dimensions in order to explore worlds beyond the universe of man and to bring this knowledge onto the earth. This is a tremendous power that holds the keys to initiatory alchemy of the spirit. The main purpose of this work is to prepare the aspiring Initiate for personal ascent on the Adversarial Path of Self-Deification, first – through basic methods and techniques of Draconian magic, then – through more advanced projects and self-initiatory practices that will empower the individual’s progress on the path.

The projects of the Temple include the lost gnosis of the ancients, masks and powers of Lucifer, secret pathways of the Spider Queen, the Crossroads of Hecate, dark paths of the Qliphothic Tree and the Tunnels of Set, gods and spirits of witchcraft, stellar gateways, thrones of Draconian Gods, Draconian Goetia, powers to bless and curse, mysteries of death and spirit binding, evocation, Lilith’s alchemy of flesh, rites of self-empowerment and elevation, secrets of blood and sacrifice, pacts with dark gods and spirits, and many more.

We also publish esoteric books dedicated to the Draconian Current in its various manifestations and traditions, revealing aspects of this primordial Gnosis to those who begin the journey of the spirit, and assisting in the initiatory process upon the Path of the Dragon.