Masks of Belial Open Project


Belial is mentioned in various texts, including the Bible, Jewish apocryphal literature, modern Satanism, and the works of Anton LaVey. Additionally, he is referenced in sources such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, where he is depicted as the Angel of Darkness and the adversary of God. In ancient texts, his name is employed as a synonym for Satan, and he is widely acknowledged as one of the most prevalent embodiments of malevolence. The word “Belial” (or Beliar) is commonly understood to be a title denoting evil rather than referring to a specific spirit. For instance, within the Bible, there is mention of “sons of Belial,” which is commonly understood to refer to individuals who are considered evil or worthless. Other meanings of the name include “destruction,” “ruin,” “death,” “the abyss,” “lawlessness,” or “without a master.” In biblical and apocryphal texts, “Belial” is a term used to refer to several malevolent figures such as the prince of darkness, the Antichrist, the devil, the progenitor of idolatry, the demon associated with impurity, the angel associated with lawlessness, and the ruler of the world. These roles and interpretations of Belial (his “masks”) reveal him as a complex and multifaceted figure, appearing in many contexts and possessing many magical powers. In this project, we will take a closer look at some of these powers and titles of the demon-king in a practical way, exploring his gnosis through the combined techniques of meditation, chanting and dreamwork.

The project includes 7 workings which have to be done individually on 7 days in a row, before sleep. All workings are designed according to the same pattern – meditation with the sigil of The Eye of Belial, chanting the mantra of calling, attuning to the vibrations of the demon-king through the music track dedicated to Belial, and dream pathworking. Each of them, however, focuses on a different aspect of Belial, including the Gatekeeper of the Abyss, the Angel of Darkness, Goetic Demon-Angel, Lord of War, Spirit of Lawlessness, Lord of the Earth, and the Worthless One. The purpose of the project is to introduce the practitioner to the current of Belial in its diverse forms and manifestations, showing how he can be approached in modern magic and how his powers can be used for the sake of shadow-work.

The project starts on 25th and ends on 31st May. Like always, the materials are free. If you’re interested in participating, please download the project HERE.

The music track needed for the project can be downloaded HERE.

Good luck to all participants!