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  • Our Latest Release!

    Our Latest Release!

    Our new anthology: „Luciferian Sorcery – Rituals for Self-Empowerment” is available now! This book has been prepared to commemorate the 11th anniversary of the Temple of Ascending Flame. It is a unique grimoire of Luciferian magic, including rituals, meditations, and practical workings only, providing a glimpse into the ritual system of the temple. Most of…

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  • New Open Project!

    New Open Project!

    „Lucifer – The Triple God” The idea of exploring various “masks,” manifestations and depictions of Lucifer has been a part of the temple’s work since the very beginning. We have already carried out projects focusing on his presentations in legends and books of magic, his equivalents in various world mythologies and folklore, his Qabalistic manifestations,…

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